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Date: Thursday, 17 Nov 2016  11:30AM - 12:30PM
Location: Hubbs Hall 4500

UCSD Research Developer Roadshow
Cyd Burrows-Schilling, Tim Dennis, Jessica Hilt
UCSD Research IT Services

Research IT Services
What is Research IT Services and who are Digital Technology Resource Advisors (DTRAs)? How can they can help you do your job? Learn how Research IT Services became established at UCSD, and how DTRAs, or research facilitators, work with faculty, staff, and student researchers to help them navigate the complex IT environment at UCSD and identify products and services that are best suited for their research needs and desired outcomes.

We explore private and public cloud solutions, storage and management of research data, high-speed network connections, and more. Facilitators and integration engineers can also offer hands-on integration support for demos and proofs-of-concept to help researchers show off their ideas to granting agencies.

The Hacker Within
International organization with chapters in the US, Australia, and Austria, designed to build a community of scientists, graduate students, researchers, and technical staff who come together to share their knowledge and best practices in using computing to accomplish their work. Peers at all levels of experience share topics that are useful for scientific software development. Groups meet regularly for discussion and hands-on activities. Topics at other chapters have included things like: Relational Databases with SQL, Web Scraping, Make, GPUs and Parallelization, LaTeX, Github, and even Python Olympics (a group coding game).
Anyone interested in research software is encouraged to participate! UC San Diego Chapter first official meeting will be January 19th at 4pm. Meetings are 90 minutes. Sign up for the mailing list: Sign-up and bring you’re A-game, that is, your enthusiastic, tinkering, problem-solving self! In the meantime we recommend checking out the previous tutorials and discussions by visiting these Hacker Within websites: Berkeley, Illinois, and Swinburne.

New!! Just launched due to popular demand, a new collaborative space just for research developers! Many of you may be aware of the SysWiki and how it has been used by sys admins to share and collaborate for some time now. Well, that content has been migrated to Confluence and under one umbrella we now have the SysAdmin Resources, Developer Resources, and Research Developer Resources all wrapped up together in the TechWiki! A basic menu framework has been added but is expected to change and grow based on your needs. A design repository for code and areas for things like experimental methods and instructables. Visit:

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The Scripps Technical Forum (STF) is a grassroots effort to make technical expertise and resources more widely available within the UCSD/Scripps community; to enhance communications between technical staff and departments; explore extended opportunities for interdepartmental collaboration, technology transfer, and industry interactions; to explore innovative solutions to emerging challenges; to monitor and disseminate trends and new technologies; and, aid in personnel retention and enhance job satisfaction, including continuing education, and opportunities for job growth.

The group is open to anyone within SIO and UCSD interested in applied technology. We host a monthly midday meeting with free pizza and an interesting program of presentations given by members of the community and industry. Our monthly newsletter highlights events, people, places, and items.

To receive e-mails of monthly meeting announcements add yourself to the technical list at:

Members of the Technical Forum are encouraged to use the mailing list to get answers from the community on questions about instrumentation, technical setups, electronics, mechanicals, moorings, computers, etc.